What to Expect from Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024

Wednesday February 21, 2024

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What’s Happening at MWC Barcelona 2024?

MWC Barcelona is the place where global industry leaders, technology evangelists, the start-up community, and others gather to witness the latest innovations in mobile connectivity.

Here’s a quick look at the big discussion points that will be defining the event this year.

How 5G Is Shaping the Future

The advantages of 5G are diverse, fostering intelligence at the network edge and paving the way for seamless AI integration in upcoming 5G Advanced stages.

Big discussions on IoT progress, 6G development, industry transformation, smart cities, and networked infrastructure will be taking place at MWC Barcelona 2024, with insights into how 5G will reshape global economies by enabling rapid learning, self-orchestration, and novel interactions with devices in future mobile generations.MWC241







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Connecting Everything

With the number of IoT devices poised to surpass 15 billion in two years, the demand for open, seamless, sustainable, and secure network solutions intensifies.

MWC Barcelona 2024 will host discussions on enhancing collaboration within the expanding mobile ecosystem. The focus will span cloud hyper-scaling, tower and fiber technologies, non-terrestrial networks, and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). The event will explore collective efforts in constructing more flexible, automated, and cost-efficient networks.








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Humanising AI

Generative AI (GenAI) stands poised to transform work, lifestyle, and interactions, yet only 35% of business leaders focus on AI governance.

At MWC Barcelona, the spotlight will be on fostering a responsible AI approach and embedding trust by design. Discussions will delve into addressing data risks, model biases, and the broader implications of GenAI adoption.








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Manufacturing DX

The manufacturing industry's digital transformation, valued at $263.9 billion in 2020, is projected to surge to $767.8 billion by 2026. Key influencers include robotic manufacturing, sustainable technology, and connected vehicles.

MWC Barcelona will reveal how connectivity is becoming essential to growth, allowing businesses to stay competitive and relevant today and tomorrow.​







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Game Changers

The era of big data has evolved into small data, empowering AI to deliver personalized consumer experiences, while quantum computing, with record investments, is poised to solve problems exponentially faster than traditional computers. Blockchain, meanwhile, has revolutionized fintech, and the metaverse is erasing the lines between digital and physical realms.

The future prompts questions about smartphones morphing into AR/VR headsets or ambient assistants, and which technologies will fundamentally reshape industry dynamics. All will be open for serious discussion and MWC Barcelona.








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Our Digital DNA

In the telecom ecosystem, diversity and talent acquisition go beyond corporate social responsibility clichés, while the rapid evolution of technology in general amplifies the need to attract and retain talent.

However, the number of women in tech leadership roles has declined in the past year. Despite a more circular approach for sustainability and energy efficiency, the industry falls short of achieving UN targets. Digital inclusion, diversity, and sustainable technology will all be hot topics at MWC 2024.








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FusionLayer at MWC Barcelona 2024

We welcome you to join us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, where you can learn how FusionLayer can simplify network automation at Edge Clouds, Open RAN, and Service Automation.

Find us at the Finnish Pavilion, stand 5J45

The integration of artificial intelligence into mainstream applications is advancing with a new generation of decentralized business infrastructure at the network edges.

FusionLayer offers patented Network Source of Truth and IP addressing solutions, establishing a foundational connectivity framework for network functions, intelligent devices, and business applications in edge clouds. These cloud-native systems are currently operational in cutting-edge Open RANs globally, and available in virtualised and containerised formats.

Join us at MWC Barcelona February 26th- 29th 2024 to learn more. We can’t wait to see you there!

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